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Our goal is to make your golf course as pleasant as possible also to make you confident in our products we offer you a 2 year warranty.

Legal Guarantee

2 years from date of delivery

Owner independence

The warranty applies only to material and processing defects that already existed on delivery.

Disclaimer of warranty:

MyGolfCad products are tested for regular and intensive use for an individual.

Nevertheless, it is important to take care of the products. Also, products with traces of rust, humidity in the tubes, bent axles, broken potentiometers, etc. cannot be considered as normal use and will therefore be excluded from the guarantee and at the user's expense.

Wheels and tires or treads are also wearing parts and cannot be taken into account in the warranty.

We reserve the right to adjust the details of exclusions.

Professional use is excluded from this warranty. A special contract for commercial use is to be expected with the company Bee Leader.

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