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General Conditions of Sale and Use of the website, Information on Deliveries -COVID 19.

Given the situation related to Covid-19, all of our logistics partners inform us that we can maintain all deliveries in France. However, delays longer than normal are possible, please do not hold it against us.

Delivery of the Order
8.1. Delivery method
The Customer chooses the Delivery address when placing the Order and we make every effort with our logistics partner Colissimo to ensure delivery as soon as possible.
Free or "Eco" delivery is "doorstep" delivery, i.e. delivery in front of the entrance to the home or delivery to the foot of the building if an apartment or at the entrance to the residence (house or apartment) if it is not reachable by a delivery truck.
8.2. Delivery address
The Customer chooses a Delivery address necessarily located in the Territory, under penalty of refusal of the Order. The Customer is solely responsible for a lack of Delivery due to a lack of indication when placing the Order.
8.3. Amount of Delivery Charges
The amount of the Delivery Costs is indicated to the Customer before the Validation of the Order.
8.4. Delivery delay
Delivery Times are available on the Site and may vary depending on the availability of the Goods ordered.
The Delivery Times are in working days and correspond to the average preparation and delivery times of the Order in the Territory, and are on average 7 days from the Confirmation of the Order, except for specific deadline or special request. client. (Postponement of delivery date, delivery on a specific date, particular constraint related to the product or to the place of Delivery, etc.)
The Delivery Times run from the date of Confirmation of the Order by the Seller.
In the absence of precision on the delivery date or deadline, the Seller delivers the Order within 30 days of the Confirmation of the Order pursuant to paragraph 2 of article L.216-1 of the Code of consumption.
8.5. Late delivery
In the event of non-compliance with the Delivery Times indicated, the Customer may obtain the cancellation of the sale under the conditions provided for in Article L. 216-2 of the Consumer Code, namely by registered letter with request for an opinion. of receipt or in writing on another durable medium.
The Customer is then reimbursed under the conditions of article L. 216-3 of the Consumer Code.
In the event of late Delivery, and in the absence of receipt of the request for resolution of the sale by the Customer, the Order is not cancelled.
The Seller informs the Customer by e-mail that the Delivery will take place with a delay
The Customer can also ask the Seller, by e-mail via the “Contact us” page by selecting from the drop-down menu under the “Retractation” tab, the status of his delivery or the cancellation of his order.
In the event that the Order has not yet been dispatched when the Seller receives the Customer's notice of cancellation, the Delivery is blocked and the Customer is reimbursed for any sums debited within fourteen days of receipt of the notice of cancellation.
In the event that the Order has already been shipped when the Seller receives the Customer's notice of cancellation, the Customer may still cancel the Order by refusing the package.
The Seller will then reimburse the sums debited and the return costs paid by the Customer within fourteen days of receipt of the return of the refused package, complete and in its original condition, or immediately if the package has not left. from the warehouse.
8.6. Delivery Tracking
The Customer can follow the progress of the processing of the Order in the space reserved for this purpose on the Site (under construction). However, a tracking number will be provided by our logistics provider and will be available upon shipment.
8.7 Quality of delivery
The deliverer is required to carry out the service ordered by the customer, namely, doorstep delivery.
Furthermore, excluding paid service (if available), the deliverer is under no circumstances required to return the package to the home or to assemble or install the equipment.
Upon delivery, the Customer is required to sign the delivery slip. This delivery slip constitutes proof of receipt of the Order and of its conformity.
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It is up to the Customer, or to the person ensuring the material reception of the Order, to make the reservations and complaints that he considers necessary, or even to refuse the package, when the package is obviously damaged on Delivery.
In order for the Seller to be informed and to be able to make every effort to meet its delivery obligation and to resend the Order to the Customer, it is the Customer's responsibility to contact the Seller's customer service department, using the form "Contact our after-sales service », a copy of the reservations and complaints made to the carrier on the delivery note, within 48 hours of delivery of the goods.
Failing this, the risks of loss or damage to the Goods are deemed transferred to the Customer when the latter, or a third party designated by him, takes physical possession of these Goods.
The fact remains that the Customer retains his right to request the application of the legal guarantees referred to in Article 11 of this Contract.
Delivery of non-compliance.
The Customer must ensure that the Goods delivered to him correspond to the Order.
In the event of non-compliance of the Goods in kind or in quality with the specifications mentioned in the Delivery slip, the Customer must inform customer service, whose contact details can be found on the Seller's website or by any means at its disposal and return the Goods to the address indicated under the conditions of Article 9.
The deliverer is under no circumstances required to assemble or install the equipment. »

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