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Bee Cad 3.0 trolley

Bee Cad 3.0 trolley

SKU: MGC1519

New model 2021

Lightweight, easily foldable and very compact, these are the key points we were looking for in the development of the BeeCad 3.0 electric forklift.

With less than 8 kg without the battery, you will have with the BeeCad 3.0 the lightest cart in the range. Storing your trolley in the trunk of your car will be that much easier.

Folding the cart is an important part of this product. Once your bag is removed from the cart, you will fold it in seconds using the pivot point positioned near the motor tube.

Compactness was also an important development point allowing you to save enormous space when traveling. By removing the rear wheels and without removing the tubes, your cart will only be 12.5 cm thick.

The stainless steel structure ensures lightness and strength to facilitate your next trip. The central axis integrates 2 tubular motors to ensure an innovative and light design!

Its strong point is its sleek design designed to facilitate assembly and folding. A flex point is located close to the axis of the motors and allows its effortless assembly right out of your car trunk.

At My Golf Cad we pay attention to product design and look for carts with a majority of plastic-free parts to reduce breakage and ensure longevity.

The BeeCad 3.0 is equipped with an engine brake that you will appreciate on the descents.

It incorporates a Lithium-ion battery promoting great longevity capable of holding for 2 18-hole courses!

Supplied with battery charger and manual in French.


  • Technical details

    Flat Dimension (without wheels): 65x65x12 cm (LxWxH)

    Carton Weight: 16kg (approx)

    Weight: 8 kg Without battery

    Battery Weight: 1.5kg

    Battery: 29.4v 10 Am

    Charger: 29.4 v - 2.0 A

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