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Bee Cad Rx 1 Cart

Bee Cad Rx 1 Cart

SKU: MGC0621

New  BeeCad Rx 1 cart  with remote control is convenient and responsive.

An adjustment screw on the bottom of the motor shaft allows you to quickly fold or unfold it for storage in your trunk or your favorite course.


  • The galvanized steel structure guaranteeing agility and strength to facilitate your next course,

  • The central axis integrating 2 tubular motors to ensure an innovative and modern design,

  • Remote control model to guide your bag to your next swing!

  • Main post locking knob for  assembly and folding on the  flex point. That  allow  its assembly with little effort right out of your car trunk

  • A majority of plastic-free parts to reduce breakage and guarantee their longevity,

  • An engine brake that you will appreciate on descents,

  • Anti-tip wheel very useful when accelerating slightly uphill when using the remote control,

  • A Lithium-ion battery promoting great longevity capable of holding up to 2 18-hole courses!

    Supplied with battery charger and manual in French.

  • Weight approx.14 kg without battery

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